Wearing Masks Works

Populations that wear masks help to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Do your part to keep everyone safe.

The Time is Now for Community Masks

To defeat COVID-19 everyone must wear masks, follow social distancing guidelines, and practice healthy sanitization and cleaning practices. Homemade masks can help protect all of us. Our mission is to provide relevant information about the importance of wearing masks and provide trusted resources to create your own.

Important Mask Safety Tips

Do not touch mask
Do not touch your mask once it is on your face
Avoid touching your face
Avoid touching your face if at all possible
Wash your hands
Wash your hands before placing or removing your mask
Do not use a wet mask, it is ineffective & harbors germs
Do not share your mask with anyone else
Launder mask and dry completely after each use

Methods of Cleaning

Most fabric masks should be laundered as usual. It is critically important that any mask is considered contaminated as soon as it is removed. No mask should be reused without being washed! Alternatively, Masks can be heated to 56˚C (135° F) for 15 minutes for disinfection against the coronavirus. Other bacteria or virus may need more aggressive sterilization.

Ways to Get Involved

Make Your Own Mask

There is no shortage of information online about how to make your own masks. To help simplify the search process we’ve reviewed dozens of patterns, uncovered our top recommended designs, and have curated vital information to help you sew your own masks.

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