Before You Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk, Make Sure the Hand Sanitizer Kills Deadly Viruses, Including Coronavirus

a comprehensive list of the top hand sanitizers for coronavirus

Before spending a lot of money to buy hand sanitizer in bulk, you need to know the following: There’s a lot of bulk hand sanitizer being sold on the internet as “antiviral”, “kills COVID19” etc when in truth they do not protect you.

Not all sanitizer gel kills Coronavirus, or other viruses. To kill viruses, including Coronavirus, you need a hand sanitizer with alcohol. Buy hand sanitizer with 70-80% ethyl alcohol. Stronger than 80% doesn’t mean more effective.

Studies show 70%-80% is a “sweet spot” for peak effectiveness, and over 80% may make the spray less effective.

When you buy bulk hand sanitizer, the best ones to get are FDA certified, or FDA approved. Many of the sprays and sanitizer gel marketed as “antiviral” or “70% alcohol”, do not use ethyl alcohol. Instead they use harmful ingredients that don’t kill COVID19. When you buy one that is FDA certified, you know it is authentic ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer.

Health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend people reduce risk of infection by frequent hand washing, and by using alcohol sanitizer. Alcohol hand sanitizer comes in sanitizer gel, sanitizer spray, liquid, and alcohol wipes.

Because of the Coronavirus threat, many of our readers have asked for recommendations on where to buy hand sanitizer in bulk, that will kill COVID19, without spending a small fortune.

We put together a short list of “trusted sources” for authentic hand sanitizer in bulk, 70-80% alcohol. We carefully vetted dozens of sites before locating the absolute best sources, at bargain prices, for FDA approved hand sanitizer in bulk.

Here is a recommended list of trustworthy suppliers to buy hand sanitizer for Coronavirus:

A review for CovCare - a leading provider of ppe and the best facemasks to buy


Our #1 trusted source for authentic alcohol hand sanitizer, N95 face masks, face shields, gloves and full Coronavirus protection gear. Hi quality items at great prices for bulk and small orders. Items ship from US. This company supplies major hospitals, medical facilities and institutions with full anti-viral protection. Individuals can order from them too. This is a very good company who is able to stay well stocked even during shortages. Friendly great customer service can easy handle large bulk orders. We buy most of our own Covid19 gear here.

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One of our top choices for Coronavirus, antiviral hand sanitizer, and N95 face masks. FDA certified 70-80% premium grade, authentic ethyl alcohol hand sanitizer kills viruses, bacteria and pathogens almost instantly. Superior quality. Great prices on bulk and single orders. They maintain a supply of hand sanitizer and masks even during the shortages. Great customer service, fast shipping, frequent sales.

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Large size jugs of quality authentic 75% alcohol hand sanitizer Gel. Kills COVID19, viruses, and 99.99% germs. Gallon size jugs of authentic premium quality, 80% alcohol sanitizer Liquid. Kills COVID19, viruses, and 99.99% other pathogens. Quality Kn95 Coronavirus face masks. Infrared thermometer. No contact needed, just aim at the forehead to measure temperature. A proven trusted source for wholesale, bulk and individual orders. Whole sale pricing is available for individuals and companies. Quality items, safety tested and certified. Customer service is great, and quickly resolves problems. This company cares about public safety and protecting people.

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This Company is an industry innovator and leader in AI (artificial Intelligence) home protection equipment. They also have quality antiviral protection products, 75% sanitizing alcohol disinfectant wipes, quality COVID19 face masks, a Pocket size UV sterilizer wand kills 99.99% germs. A fast acting, portable UV disinfection package kills 99.99% germs, a Pocket size UV sterilizer wand, kills 99.99% germs in 3 minutes, protective gloves, and protection suits. Customer service is excellent, friendly, and knowledgeable. Many items ship free, and they have frequent sale prices. They are a must to check out when looking for Coronavirus protection and home protection items.

Should I Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk or Use Only Hand Washing for Coronavirus Protection?

Viruses are protein coated genetic particles that invade the body of a host, take over its cell, and use its DNA to replicate more virus containing cells.

Viruses are spread by air(coughing, sneezing), touch, contaminated food or water, bodily fluids, or insect carriers. Certain viruses can survive on objects for long periods of time. If you touch the object, the virus can get on your hands and spread to you or others.

Antibiotics are ZERO perfect effective against viruses. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses. To prevent viral contamination use face masks during flu season, and whenever viral threats like COVID19 may be present. Buy bulk hand sanitizer and use it frequently to disinfect your hands, surfaces at work, your phone, keyboard, desk, and work area. Use alcohol hand sanitizer to disinfect surfaces and objects at home, especially kitchens, bathrooms, in common use areas.

Certain types of viruses are covered with a lipid layer. Coronavirus is one of these. If you scrub your hands long enough (20 seconds minimum), the soap starts to break down this lipid layer, destroying the virus. 70%-80% hand sanitizer with alcohol rapidly dissolves the lipid layer, destroying viruses faster. That’s why major health organizations recommend hand sanitizer with alcohol to combat viruses.

Viruses are responsible for a great many deadly diseases worldwide. Polio, Hepatitis, Rabies, Ebola (55-60% death rate), MERS (death rate 35%), SARS, COVID19, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, many types of Influenza, hanta fever, HIV, Dengue fever, Zika and more.

We recommend frequent hand washing with soap and water as a good habit to follow, virus or no virus. The downside of frequent 20 second hand washing as a means to kill Coronavirus, and other viruses, is that it’s not always do-able.

In today’s fast paced, busy world, who has time to run to the bathroom every time their hands touch a contaminated surface, wash for 20 seconds or more, and then dry them? And what about when the public restrooms are out of soap, or paper towels, as often happens? Or there’s a line waiting to use the sink? If someone has several kids, that’s several sets of hands to wash. And it starts becoming a real hassle. That’s why many prefer to buy hand sanitizer.

Also, without parental guidance, most kids will not stand washing their hands for a full 20 seconds, especially when at school, or out and about. They will however use a pocket size bottle of sanitizer gel. Some of our readers have reported their 1st and 2nd grade children use pocket size best hand sanitizer without being told to do so.

Soap and water done correctly will kill COVID19. This strategy should be sufficient in cases where someone lives alone, doesn’t go out much, or doesn’t have money to buy hand sanitizer.

If though, you have a busy life, work outside the home, or go out often, then bulk hand sanitizer is a much safer choice, well worth the money spent. It’s safer than hand washing, kills more germs and viruses (99.99% near instantly). Get travel size bottles as they are easy to carry in your pocket or purse, and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Plus it saves a lot of valuable time. We recommend getting the travel size hand sanitizer in bulk and carrying a bottle everywhere you go. Kids can also take them to school in their backpacks.

Some of our readers have asked if Antibacterial sanitizer will work for Coronavirus. Antibacterial sanitizer is for bacteria. Use hand sanitizer with alcohol for COVID19 and viruses, rather than Antibacterial sanitizer.

How to Get Price Deals on Bulk Hand Sanitizer

Getting hand sanitizer at bulk discount

When you buy hand sanitizer in bulk, the price quickly adds up, increasing financial strain at a time when people are already suffering economic setbacks.

One way you can reduce costs for bulk hand sanitizer is don’t wait until there’s a shortage to buy it. Shortages drive prices way up on bulk hand sanitizer. Pandemics and high demand also drive prices way up. If you can afford to do so, buy hand sanitizer in bulk, large size and travel size bottles, before shortages or viral outbreaks. We don’t know if there will be a second Coronavirus wave, or another pandemic. But if there is, having stockpiled hand sanitizer in bulk will be a blessing.

Another way you can save is to buy in bulk, splitting the cost with friends, family, a church group, or an organization you belong to. Ordering hand sanitizer in bulk drastically lowers the cost per unit on large orders. This is one of the best ways to save when you buy hand sanitizer.

Contact companies and ask if they have discounts for military, senior citizens, medical professionals on hand sanitizer in bulk. Discounts for institutions such as schools, churches, or any other type of discount you can think of. Watch for sales. The suppliers we recommend have frequent sales and some of the best prices we’ve seen.

Ingredient shortages during the Coronavirus Pandemic led to widespread shortages and intense price gouging. So many people weren’t able to buy hand sanitizer at all. Luckily the shortages seem to be over, at least for the time being, and prices have dropped. If you are going to buy hand sanitizer in bulk, now may be a good opportunity to do so. God bless!