Make Your Own Mask

There is no shortage of information online about how to make your own masks. To help simplify the search process, we’ve reviewed dozens of patterns and uncovered our top five recommended designs.

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Important Design Elements

Secure Fit

Cloth straps help hold a mask more tightly to your face than elastic bands in most cases. Also, elastic bands are hard to find right now because of their demand for homemade masks.

A simple piece of wire, like a produce bag tie, can be sewn into the mask for a better fit over the nose. This makes a big difference.

Pleats in a pattern help fit the mask over the nose and mouth. Alternatively, a duckbill shape can be created by the shape of cut fabric.


Surgical Equipment Wrap Material provides good protection from particles. We have sourced some of this material and are working on sourcing more.

Hepa Vacuum Filter material is also a good fabric to work with and can be purchased in stores. Alternatively, a pouch can be sewn in the design and filters can be inserted.

Tight-weave Cotton is a common material and a good one. Although it is more porous than those mentioned above, it is easily cleaned and much better than nothing.

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